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20 May 2008 @ 10:08 am
Please pray... *edited*  
 I just found out that my friend and neighbor, Erid, was in a terrible motorcycle accident.  I believe he is in ICU at one of the local hospitals.  His brother, Brek, sent me a Facebook message very early this morning and is trying to get a flight out of Alaska to be here by tonight.  I am looking forward to seeing him, but not under these circumstances....

I will try to post updates when/if I hear anything.  Thank you in advance for your prayers! 

I just got back from the hospital.  It's pretty bad...  Erid's helmet came off when he was hit by the truck.  His skull is shattered, he probably has brain damage and both his legs are broken.  The doctors don't expect him to make it...  Brek is still trying to get here from Alaska.  Please continue praying...  I know God can turn the situation around if it's His will.  Some good will come out of this situation, no matter what happens.  I am sure of that.
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